Curriculum Vitae

Born in Italy, in March, between films and cameras, wrapped in the smell of the dark room. At less than six, she poses and takes photos of her dolls with a manual reflex: photography, which for her family, however interesting, is a job, turns into passion for her, that she deepens by studying photography at the IED of Rome, obtaining the Master in Culture of Photography at the CRAF of Spilimbergo, finally graduating as a designer at the architecture faculty of the Second University of Naples. During the training course, she studies and meets illustrious names in the world of photography, such as Gianfranco Arciero, Italo Zannier, Charles Henri Favord, Anne Cartier Bresson, Walter Rosenblum, Erich Hartmann.

Over the years, she works with Italian and foreign photographers of international relevance. She contributes to specialized magazines such as the Cinema Sessanta magazine directed by prof. Mino Argentieri. For years she manages Posillipo’s photography studio. She works for both C.E.I. and the Ministry of Ecclesiastical Cultural Heritage as responsible for the photographic shooting and archiving. She creates multimedia videos for PEUGEOT Italy and other companies. In parallel, she explores individual and collective research paths. For the Italian Embassy in Yerevan – Armenia, she works on the project Traces. She has been represented by the following art Galleries: Studio Legale, Aa29 Project Room, and currently IPERCUBO.


ATTESA, ArtInsolite/ Teatro del Silenzio, DISTANZAZERO project (also on-line), Laiatrico (PI) Italy, 12 Jun 2020, collective

AFRICA DEL NORD, Culture and Integration/Ipercubo Gallery, Castel Nuovo, Naples – Italy, 10 Dec – 18 Dec 2019, personal

LA TERRA SOTTO I PIEDI, Terrestri/ Ipercubo Gallery, Museum of Santa Maria delle Anime del Purgatorio ad Arco, Naples – Italy 15/16 Nov 2019, personal

OPEN CEREMONY, aA29 Project Room, Reggio Emilia, 14 Apr – 8 Sep 2019, collective

STORIE RECENTI, European Photography 019 – Aa29 Project Room, Reggio Emilia – Italy, 10 Apr – 8 Jun 2019, collective

RITORNO, architects and designers on show – Pierre Home, Caserta – Italy, 27 Sep – 7 Oct 2018, collective

FOUR DIRECTIONS, aA29 Project Room, Caserta – Italy, 15 Dec 2017 – 25 Feb 2018, collective

WOMEN, aA29 Project Room, Caserta – Italy, 26 Nov – 7 Dec 2016, collective

MONDI DISCHIUSI, aA29 Project Room, Caserta – Italy, 28 Oct – 25 Nov 2016, personal

8 PUNTI DI VISTA, aA29 project Room, Caserta – Italy, 23 Sep – 23 Oct 2016, collective

ICELAND, Galleria aA29 project Room, Caserta – Italy, 29 Feb – 15 Mar 2016, collective

CONTEMPORANEITA’ E FOTOGRAFIA, Palazat, Cavasso Nuovo (PN)- Italy, 12 Jul – 4 Oct 2015, collective

ARTE CONTEMPORANEA, Lo Quarter, Alghero (SS) – Italy, 30 May – 28 Jun 2015, collective

TRACES of MEMORY, Castello Estense, International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Ferrara – Italy, 29 Nov – 7 Dec 2008, collective

SIGNA TEMPORIS, Belvedere Reale di San Leucio, Caserta – Italy, 22 Mar – 02 Apr 2008, personal

L’ARTE IN VETRINA, Culture Week – via Mazzini, Caserta – Italy, 12 – 20 May 2007, personal

NOMADI, Studio Legale Gallery, Caserta – Italy, 28 Oct – 20 Nov 2006, personal

LA CROAZIA DEL GIORNO DOPO, Gallery Tina Modotti, Acerra (NA) – Italy, Nov. 2002, personal

ALBA DI FUOCO ATRI E I FAUGNI “from the pagan rite of popular religiosity”, Cathedral of Atri, Pescara – Italy, Dec 2001, personal

TRANSIZIONE, A.A.M Gallery, Rome/Milan, Dec 1998, personal

RITRATTAZIONI “tribute to Cesare Zavattini”, A.A.M. Galley, Rome – Italy, Sep 1997, collective

PARIS – KRIVEC COLLECTION, C.R.A.F.  – Spilimbergo (PN) – Italy, Mar 1997, collective

LE UMANE DEBOLEZZE “Alessi Collection”, Alessi showroom – Rome, Nov 1996, collective

QUEL GIARDINO SOTTO IL VESUVIO, A.A.M. Gallery – I.E.D. Rome, Feb 1996, personal



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La terra sotto i piedi, inside Il primo amore – Terrestri, book, Ed. Effige, Oct 2020

Focus In, Magazine N. 47, Author cover, Escape work, Oct – Dec 2020

Italy e Armenia artist’s “Tracce” bridges between cultures, review, Il Mattino newspaper, written by Nadia Verdile, 6 sep 2020

Tracce, Travel photography between Italy and Armenia, Exibart, 24 Aug 2020

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Fashion Rome (inside “La Repubblica”, newspaper, 14 May1995)


LUCCA ART FIRE Digital Art Weeks – 28 May – 6 Jun 2021


ARTVERONA, 12 Oct  – 15 Oct 2018

LUCCA ART FIRE, 18 May – 20 May 2018

ARTEFIERA BOLOGNA,  25 Jan – 29 Jan 2007


Oct 2002 – Jul 2006 University of Architecture, Naples – Italy, Industrial Design for the fashion

Nov 1996 – Mar 1997 – C.R.A.F. (Center for Research and Archiving of Photography) Spilimbergo, (PN)- Italy, Master

July 1996 – IED (European Institute of  Design – Rome), Photography

Jul 1994 – Institute of Art, Diploma in Fashion and Costume, San Leucio – Italy